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The best gift you can give someone is the gift of health. Better yet, combine that with pure deliciousness, lush setting and a fun experience and surprise your loved ones with a Gift Card from Tanya's.

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The Uncook Book

Tanya Maher's book has over 140 easy-to-follow, accessible recipes with a modern edge, everything you need to know to set up a successfully raw kitchen and a whole lot of super handy tips that are both nutritionally viable and creatively fun. It's the perfect book for anyone who wants to celebrate life through food and there's even a Kid's Section and a Party Section (with Superfood Cocktail recipes!), as well as a whole collection of never before seen signature recipes from Tanya's Cafe.

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Alkaline Cleanse

When your insides need a proper scrub, simply drinking juice may flow through your body undigested, which means you won’t get all, if any, of the nutrients and minerals from it and be left feeling hungry and deprived. You need a carefully constructed detox plan with nourishing solid foods to support your whole body.

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