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Cleanse packages are available 3 times a year

Our next delivery period runs for the duration of September only and will be the last round for all of 2016!   BREAKING NEWS: we've just secured national delivery! 

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Alkaline Cleanse
from 69.00

Give your body a new start with Tanya Maher’s detoxifying cleanse. 

This is not just a juice cleanse, it is the ultimate body balance system. 


Tanya Maher, nutritionist, certified health coach and co-founder of organic raw food restaurant, Tanya’s, has designed a cleanse which is both juicy and crunchy and guaranteed to purify your body, skin and energy.

When your insides need a proper scrub, simply drinking juice may flow through your body undigested, which means you won’t get all, if any, of the nutrients and minerals from it and be left feeling hungry and deprived. You need a carefully constructed detox plan with nourishing solid foods to support your whole body.


Combining Tanya’s organic cold-pressed juices, raw organic soups, detox dust coated seeds, fibre wheatgrass crackers, veggie sticks and alkalizing tahini dip, OptiBac probiotics and Neal’s Yard Remedies green complex powder, this cleanse is designed to clean and nourish at the same time.  We even include pH strips to test how acid or alkaline you are, before, during and after the cleanse.


‘Disease cannot develop, live or survive in an alkaline environment.  Every ache, itch and pain is telling you that your body is too acid’                       – Tanya Maher


All ingredients we use are organic, raw, unprocessed, unpasteurized and cold-pressed.  We do not use sweeteners, gluten or nuts for this cleanse.  We do sprout and slowly dry alkalizing seeds below 47 degrees to release the enzyme inhibitors, but preserve nutrition and aid digestion.


Carefully combined nutrition includes:

- Fibre to clean out your intestines

- Probiotics to reduce bloating

- Calcium to nourish you

- Protein to re-build your system

- Essential fats for ultimate digestion

- Detoxifying spices to accelerate cleansing

- Chlorophyll to increase your body’s pH level


1). Choose the length of your cleanse:

1 Day - to give your digestion a break and boost pH levels - £69

2 Days - for a system reboot and an all organ spring clean - £135

3 Days - acid toxin release and a clean, slim, alkaline start - £199


2). Choose your delivery date:

Wednesday national delivery- 1 Day Cleanse £20; 2 Day Cleanse £20; 3 Day Cleanse £25. 

Saturday national delivery- 1 Day Cleanse £30; 2 Day Cleanse £30; 3 Day Cleanse £35. 

A free 'Pick up' option is also available. Please note that it is your responsibility to collect it from us at SW3 3QX by 12noon of your chosen date.

If a date was once available but you can no longer see it, it means that we have sold out for that date. Please be at your chosen address until 12noon on the date of delivery to accept the package and pop it straight into the fridge!


3. Purchase below:

Limited packages available. We are a small company and only have one cold-press juicer, so there's a limited number of fresh juices we are able to produce. When your cleanse arrives, you will have 4 days to finish it (not start). If you're interested in doing a 6 day cleanse, we recommend making 2 orders (one for Wednesday delivery and the other for the following Saturday delivery).

Delivery Date:
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You may want to know what to do to get ready for your cleanse, whether you can eat or drink anything in addition to it during the cleanse and what to eat as your first meal when the cleanse comes to an end. Tanya answers all of your questions and makes extra suggestions, here>>



HEALTH & RESULTS. Please consult with your doctor or nutritionist if this cleanse is right for you. Specific dietary requirements may not be accommodated, although you are always welcome to email us on info@tanyascafe.com and we will see what we can do. We do not recommend breastfeeding or expectant mothers to detox. Our juices and foods are packed in a kitchen that handles nuts, please be aware that although this Alkaline Cleanse is nut-free, we can not guarantee full exclusion. Results will vary from person to person, please consult your health professional.

REFUNDS. It is your responsibility to be at your chosen address between 8am and 12noon on the day of delivery to receive your package and we can not take responsibility for any products going bad if no one was there to receive it. It is also your responsibility to check your products upon delivery, place them straight into the fridge and notify us immediately if anything is wrong. You must email us on info@tanyascafe.com before 2pm on the delivery day should a problem exist, otherwise you will be deemed to have accepted the package and we will not refund or replace any item. Due to the perishable nature of our products, there is no right to cancel or request a refund under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013.