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Before you start:


  1. Whether your detox is for one day or 30, start getting your body and mind ready now.
  2. Don’t binge before you start, as your detox symptoms could be more intense. Cut out any stimulants like caffeine, cigarettes, refined sugars, bread, meat and dairy.
  3. Start drinking lots of herbal tea or water (warm or room temperature is best). Sip through the day, rather than drinking all at once. Do not drink liquids with solids (not even water with your dinner!), let your body figure out what is what and your digestion will improve too.
  4. Pick up a dry skin brush and start brushing morning and evening to get the lymph system moving.
  5. Get into a habit of massaging your stomach. Do pick your timing so it's not creepy :) Best as you are going to bed, while on the toilet and before a meal. Move your hand in a clockwise direction to get your digestion going and get your fingers/fists right in there to get the knots out. If it's painful or uncomfortable, that is a great indication that there are blockages in there, so keep going.
  6. Most importantly, get excited about your cleanse! The most successful detox happens when you can't wait for it to start.


During your cleanse:


  1. Your package will arrive with a page of instructions. Please read it carefully and follow the suggested times, intervals of the day and order of meals/juices to consume through the day.
  2. The entire cleanse has been designed to work with your body cycles, so please follow the directions as best as you can and you will get the most out of it especially when it comes to digesting all the nutrition within the carefully combined foods.
  3. Please refrain from giving in to any stimulants (see #2 in ‘Before you start’), but feel free to drink as much herbal tea and room temperature water as you please.
  4. If you feel desperate for a snack, please understand that this is your cravings talking, which are all part of the detox symptoms. Your cleanse package contains an overload of nutrients and minerals for all body types and sizes and it’s very likely that there is at least twice as much nutrition than what you are used to, so it’s impossible for your body to starve. Drink more liquids, like herbal tea and water to suppress hunger. Remember the cleanse will be over in a few days, be strong.
  5. To support your body during the release of toxins, feel free to exercise however you like if it’s part of your usual routine. If not, then let your pores open up to eliminate toxins in a sauna or go for a long brisk walk.
  6. Relax as much as possible during the length of your cleanse and make time to be and feel creative- journal, draw, make a vision board, read, watch an uplifting documentary, walk, laugh and do what makes you happy.
  7. Continue to dry skin brush and massage your stomach daily (see #4 and #5 in ‘Before you start’). If you feel bloated, it’s ok- this is part of the process while the fibre in your cleanse expands the years of build up toxins within your gut wall. It will eventually come out, either right away for some or days after the detox finishes for others. We are all different.


Right after your cleanse:


  1. If on the last day of your cleanse you are feeling energised and inspired to continue, we recommend that you do. This is usually your body’s way of telling you that this detox is exactly what it wanted and that it’s not quite finished yet. Feel free to make your own juices, smoothies and raw fibre rich snacks (like soaked seeds, whole veggies and salads), go out for a raw food meal or order another cleanse.
  2. Ease out of your cleanse carefully. It’s important that your body has a gentle transition and that you refrain from any stimulants for a minimum of 10 days after the cleanse has ended. Otherwise your body can go into ‘shock’ and ‘survival mode’ where it will hold on to all the bodily fats and slow digestion right down. Caffeine can be the hardest to stay without, so if you feel like you absolutely need it, drink clean organic coffee only and do not mix it with any milks or sugars. It is really important right now that you don’t confuse your digestive system and start combining foods. 
  3. You would’ve noticed your taste buds have changed and your appreciation for basic foods increased. Eat simple plant-based meals only, like soups, steamed vegetables, gluten-free grains, salads and fruits for a minimum of 3 days (10 is best). 


Have the BEST cleanse! 


We’ll be thinking of you and cheering you on,


Tanya & team